minneapolis luxury vinyl planks

Residents of Charleston and the Lowcountry probably know that manufactured floors are designed with homeowner satisfaction in mind. As you might expect, luxury vinyl planks are no exception to the rule. In fact, whether we’re talking structure, ease of maintenance, or visuals, luxury vinyl planks don’t lack in much of anything.

Let the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston guide you as we lay down the facts about this fabulous floor. If you’re on the market for dependable, cost-effective floors that won’t sacrifice beauty, we think luxury vinyl planks will be right up your alley.

Viewing Your Vinyl

Luxury vinyl planks benefit from a carefully designed construction process. The surface you walk on is a protective layer that rests above a photorealistic print layer. That print layer is what gives vinyl its reputation as a  chameleon among floors. Luxury vinyl planks can be made to closely resemble, and even feel like, the natural flooring material of your choice!

Many homeowners opt for a resemblance to hardwood in the case of planks, but there is definitely room for creativity here. Natural floors like hardwood and stone can come expensive, while vinyl is a much more cost-effective option. Imitate natural flooring for a fraction of the price with luxury vinyl planks.

minneapolis luxury vinyl planks

Damage and Durability

Despite their budget-friendly prices, luxury vinyl planks are actually extremely durable and resilient. Yet somehow, while being capable of resisting great amounts of pressure, they are softer than you might expect.

The material is ergonomic and yields to a person’s weight for an incredible ratio of toughness to comfort. Scratches and scuffs are practically a thing of the past with luxury vinyl planks, which can withstand pet claws and similar sharp items.

Tenacious Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks are waterproof, which means they can serve equally well in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other rooms where moisture might damage other more sensitive floors. There is very little concern of mold or mildew with luxury vinyl planks, and it is inedible by vicious insects out to harm your floors.

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