If you’re looking for a stylish and luxurious stone tile for your Charleston home, travertine tiles are the answer. Simultaneously durable and chic, travertine is a fantastic tile choice for your flooring needs and beyond.

To help you learn all of the important facts, our experts here at Floor Coverings International of Charleston created this handy guide to help you learn more about travertine stone tile.


About Travertinetravertine tile Charleston

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from calcium carbonate, a substance made from the remains of ancient shells and fossils. These minerals bubble up in hot water springs that gradually create this natural limestone.

While travertine is mined from many places around the world, the majority of it comes from quarries in Italy and Turkey. From there it is milled down into a wide variety of tile sizes and cuts. These cuts include brushed, polished, chiseled edge, honed, and tumbled. Tile sizes vary, but 4x4inch, 12x12inch, and 18x18inch are the most common.



travertine tile in Charleston Lowcountry

With its slightly weathered appearance, travertine adds elegance and lasting strength to any area of the home. Its coloration is typically quite neutral, with tones of ivory and beige intermixed with streaks of dusky bronze.

One distinctive characteristic of travertine is the natural pores that can run throughout each tile. The size and depth of these indentations vary based on the quality of the stone, with higher quality travertine having smaller holes and mid-to-lower quality travertine having larger ones. These pores can be filled with grout if you are seeking an entirely smooth surface.

Travertine’s durable quality and neutral color palate makes it an ideal flooring option around the home, including entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. The toughness of travertine tile also makes it a fantastic choice for other home projects, including countertops, kitchen backsplashes, and shower walls.

With a high resilience to drastic temperature changes, travertine also excels in outdoor uses like patios and walkways.



Due to its relatively porous nature, travertine can stain or scratch more easily than other flooring options. Be especially careful not to use acidic cleaners or spill liquids like coffee, wine, or vinegar on travertine as those items can potentially corrode your flooring. Upkeep for travertine is otherwise very easy. Simply use a broom or a lightly dampened mop to regularly maintain your travertine tiles

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