You are scouring the flooring market for an aesthetically pleasing option that looks to be directly derived from nature, however, features the maintenance of a durable, down-to-earth flooring. Our friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston have a recommendation: Slate Tile. This is one of the most popular natural flooring alternatives on the market but sets itself apart from its competitors with its abundant range of styles, each featuring its own distinct build and one-a-kind vibe. If an elegant, easy tile is what you seek for your Charleston home, then slate tile is the perfect selection for you.

About Slate Tileslate tile in charleston and the lowcountry

Slate is a thin-grained metamorphic rock that is extracted from mountainsides in Europe, Asia, as well as the Americas. Each region produces a different chemical composition that determines the distinct formation and feature of each slate. The name derives from its unique formation in plain sheets resting like layers of a cake, that create a formidable bond once compressed under significant pressure. Exotic slate tile has a heftier price tag; however, this gorgeous medium is also harvested in the states, making this local selection easy to obtain and at a respectable price.

Areas & Design

Slate speaks sophistication in a subtle way. The raw beauty of slate comes from its variation of hues and tones that are available in busy and subtle patterns. Many slate tiles will feature a multifaceted combination of colors on the surface, creating a canvas for the buyer to paint a room’s scenery with either complementary or contrasting designs. Depending on your personal taste and the type of slate, your tile can be as eye-popping or as muted as you wish.

Maintenanceslate tile in charleston and the lowcountry

Slate tile is ideal for those needing minimum maintenance. Like any flooring, slate requires a regular cleaning regimen to guarantee success and security of your floor. Your tiles will remain intact and avoid tiny blemish from appearing over time by implementing small chores, such as sweeping and dry mopping, tending to spills as quickly as they occur, into your daily rhythm. To further prevent damages from happening, we encourage the periodical application of a stone-sealing agent for additional peace of mind.

Start Today!

Have you made the decision that slate tile is the right selection for your home? Call the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston today to learn how you can benefit from this astounding flooring. We offer a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom to homeowners in the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area! Our representatives are available to address any concerns and answer all questions that you may have regarding any of the selections we offer. We are proud to serve residents in the Lowcountry.

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