For homeowners in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC areas, marble floors are a beautiful flooring surface. Marble floors are elegant, luxurious, and can be a perfect centerpiece to your home. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston answer some basic questions about marble floors below.

marble floor

How Are Marble Floors Made?

Marble is an extremely hard stone made of calcite that is formed from the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks. Marble can be found all over the world and is millions and perhaps even billions of years old. It is quarried in huge chunks and then processed into a wide variety of pieces. The remaining pieces are cut down to 12-by-12 inch square tiles and shipped to flooring manufacturers and eventually your home!

What Type of Finish Do Marble Floors Have?

It is very common for marble floor tiles to come in two types of finishes: polished and honed.

  • Polished marble tiles are very glossy (kind of like a fancy baseball card) and made to highlight the natural beauty of the stone tiles. A couple advantages to polished marble tiles are their striking appearance and their unique ability to reflect light, creating a translucent quality.   One downside to polished marble flooring is that it tends to be very slick.
  • Honed marble tiles are also polished, but to a much lesser degree. Honed marble is great for homeowners who want a subtler look in their home.

How Does a Marble Floor Tile Installation Work?

A marble tile installation process can often be tricky. That’s why we recommend our experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston do the installation for you. We can make sure that the marble tiles line up perfectly and will match the marble patterns and grains to look as natural as possible. Marble is also susceptible to stains because of its porous surface. Our experts can help minimize the risk for staining by installing a sealer below, on top, and in between your new marble tile flooring.


These are just a few of the many questions we answer about marble tile flooring. Don’t hesitate to call the number below, where our flooring representatives are eager to answer your specific questions. We also offer free in-home consultations to residents in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC areas.

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