Kitchen Tile FlooringThe average kitchen floor receives regular abuse just by nature of the room’s purpose. With food spills, heavy foot traffic, and the accumulation of crumbs and dust, you need a floor that not only looks great, but can also be lived on. That’s why many Charleston homeowners opt for tile flooring in their kitchens.

Why Tile?

There are numerous reasons why tile remains one of the most popular kitchen flooring choices in Charleston and beyond.


One of tile’s most appealing qualities is that it’s a solid and very durable material. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria, and can resist spills and moisture. It’s a great flooring option for families with pets because of its strength and resistance to scratching.

Low Maintenance

Another reason why tile is great for the kitchen is that it’s very easy to clean! Most tiles can be easily cleaned with a sponge, rag, or mop and warm water. This is an important quality in kitchen flooring because of how often it experiences spills and moisture. Just be sure to dry your floors and not leave any excess water that might cause you to slip.

Style Options

Between material, color, texture, and pattern options, the aesthetic varieties of tile are almost endless. This allows tile to seamlessly blend into almost any kitchen’s décor. You can also use tile as an accent material by contrasting it with your design.

Drawbacks of Tile

With all its great qualities, tile has its drawbacks. One downside to tile is that it feels cold and hard underfoot. This might not bother some people, but those who spend a lot of time standing and cooking in the kitchen might notice pain in their feet or joints after awhile. Area rugs can help alleviate this pain. The hardness that makes tile desirable can also be one of its drawbacks. If dishes or glassware are dropped, they will more often than not break on impact. Although tile is resistant to stains, grout is not. That’s why spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining the grout between the tiles.

If you are wondering what flooring material to install in your kitchen, consider tile. Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston to schedule your free design consultation!


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