With the endless options on the market, we’re sure the search for flooring been tiring and you are ready to make a decision. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston understand how you feel, and we would like to take this opportunity to help you on your quest! If it is a hardwood floor you desire for your Charleston home, one that will communicate your classic taste without breaking the bank, we have an answer for you. If you were on the market for something high quality and high performance, we  recommend walnut hardwood.

walnut hardwood flooring in charleston and the lowcountry

Brazilian Walnut vs. Domestic Walnut

This domestic lumber is available across our nation in various states, making this hardwood floor reasonably priced and easily obtained. In comparison to the exotic Brazilian walnut, where lumber is extracted and deforestation occurs, American walnut is an eco-friendly option that comes from a renewable resource and can be shipped to consumers at a low cost. Walnut has a reputation as one of the softest hardwoods, but it also known as one of the most resilient of our domestic flooring options. In addition, walnut hardwood increases the value of a space, making this timeless renovation a profitable investment.

Design & Uses

Walnut hardwood’s smooth texture and natural look give any environment a welcoming vibe. It compares to other hardwood options with its multifaceted confection of earthy hues that range anywhere from a bright white to a dark brown. It is consistently praised for its resistance to moisture and modern day abuses. The tints that are present beneath walnut’s surface beautifully deflect from what blemishes that may occur with its authentic depth of color.

walnut hardwood in charleston and the lowcountryMaintenance

Walnut hardwood is undoubtedly a low maintenance flooring option. Unlike other hardwood alternatives, walnut has the ability to last for decades by simply implementing routine cleaning rituals. You can successfully ensure your walnut hardwood has a long and fruitful life by quickly responding to accidental spills, preventing permanent damages from occurring to your newly renovated Lowcountry home.

Start Today!

If the search has ended and you have decided that walnut hardwood is the right selection for you, call the friendly experts of Floor Coverings International of Charleston to make your flooring dreams a reality. Still unsure if this is for you? Do not hesitate to call our kind staff members for additional questions or considerations. We happily offer a complimentary consultation, and we are proud to serve the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry.



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