pine hardwood in charleston and the lowcountry

Finding hardwood flooring that will meet all of your needs is a challenge. You want an option that features the beauty and rustic simplicity of your grandmother’s hardwood, but has dependability and flexibility to function like your friend’s modern flooring. The experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston recommend pine for those in the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area due to its success as an aesthetically pleasing hardwood that has been used successfully around the world for hundreds of years.

About Pine

Pine is well known as a classic hardwood alternative. It is available to those in Charleston in a range of soft tones and earthy palettes, such as rich ambers and golden browns. Pine features an exquisite, distinct knot design that gives it the ability to complement most decor styles, exuding a modern vibe that will contribute to and enhance the atmosphere of your place. Pine is a truly versatile flooring option that frees up homeowners to express their individuality in unlimited ways with a simple flooring upgrade.

Design & Uses

This hardwood is specifically praised for its unmatched texture that is gentle underfoot and encourages barefoot living. Its soft build means that the beginning of your pine’s life will be victim to minor cuts and scratches, however, quickly grows in strength through use over time. Pine’s fibers compress again and again with consistent traffic and heavyweight, meaning this hardwood durability comes naturally with use. This attributes to pine’s universal success as an efficient hardwood throughout history.

pine hardwood in charleston and the lowcountryCleaning & Maintenance

Pine offers a minimal maintenance cleaning routine that is comparable to other hardwood selections. Your flooring is guaranteed to stay in nearly brand new condition as long as hasty action is taken when accidents befall. It is unnecessary to take additional steps, such as the application of a sealant but is encouraged to do so for peace of mind. Responding to accidents effectively and efficiently will ensure a long and fruitful life for your Charleston place.

Start Today!

Pine hardwood could be the perfect project for your next home renovation. The friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston are here to help answer any questions that come to mind and address concerns that you may have regarding pine hardwood. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom.

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