cherry hardwood in charleston the lowcountryYou have been anticipating your new home renovation, and you are almost ready to begin. After saving and budgeting for months, you still have not settled on the right flooring. The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International of Charleston understand how weary the hunt can be, and we would like to assist you on your quest to find the flooring of your dreams. For those in the Lowcountry searching for a high performance flooring alternative, look no further, we have a worthy recommendation: cherry hardwood.

About Cherry Hardwood

Cherry hardwood is a domestic species of wood that grows in various states across the United States. With its unmatched strength and undeniable beauty, it has a reputation for being the choice of lumber for American craftsmen and carpenters. Cherry wood has a versatility that allows it to have a variety of unique uses: furniture, cabinetry, and instruments. It has a unique balance of malleability and durability that allow it to be both cut and sanded, both stained and molded, with wonderful ease, making it appropriate for any environment in the Lowcountry area.

Design & Strength

This hardwood is a gorgeous flooring that features a light, slightly red tone. For those who opt to darken the hardwood with a stain can do so very easily due to the fine, even texture of the lumber. While the grain typically runs a straight line, there are occasional strays of a few, cute curly patterns, making every cherry hardwood a unique floor. This hardwood has a universal reputation for its long, fruitful life span. It can confidently withstand our modern day wear and tare, while resisting deterioration and decay through the years.  It has the strength to house most joinery, but is also gentle enough to welcome bare feet.

cherry hardwood flooring in charleston lowcountry


For the homeowners in Charleston that need a low maintenance flooring alternative, cherry hardwood is exactly what you need. Take immediate and effective steps when spills or messes occur, and you will easily prevent your floor from lifelong damages, including as warping or staining. Simply maintain routine cleaning rituals to guarantee a long, fruitful life for your cherry hardwood floor.

Start Today!

If you are still unsure if cherry hardwood is the right flooring for you, let the knowledgeable experts of Floor Coverings International of Charleston help you to decide! Do not hesitate to call us for any additional questions or concerns that may come to mind. Be sure to call us today for a complimentary consultation or to learn about our variety of hardwood flooring options at affordable prices. We are proud to serve the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area.

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