Look to the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston for all of your flooring needs! Whether you want to rejuvenate your office or freshen your home, our staff members can guide you to the flooring alternative that will meet your needs and more. We like to recommend birch due to its top-notch strength and impressive durability to anyone in the Lowcountry who are interested in hardwood. Our clients enjoy its raw beauty and earthy style that makes it suitable for any living or working environment.

About Birchbirch hardwood in charleston and the lowcountry

Birch may be a cousin to oak, but it sets itself apart on the flooring market as a naturally firmer, sturdier species. This hardwood has various gorgeous and unique features, including a curvaceous grain and earthy palette. The price of this lumber is considerably lower-to-average in cost in comparison to its fellow hardwood alternatives, making it the perfect option for anyone in the Lowcountry that is shopping with a specific budget. The upgrade to birch will serve as an investment that will benefit your home for the present and the future.

Uses in the Home

This flooring is available in a range of neutral hues that make it a solid selection for any simple or bold taste. Birch has lighter sapwood and darker, contrasting heartwood, a multifaceted display of light, creamy shades that gracefully mix deep red and dark brown undertones. This hardwood has a waviness that mirrors a flame-like look, typically running perpendicular to its grain. This is known as curly birch! The combination of colors and delicate patterns make each plank absolutely original.

birch hardwood in charleston and the lowcountryMaintenance

Birch flooring is low maintenance and has a cleaning ritual similar to other hardwoods. We encourage our clients to respond with haste and mindfulness when messes occur. Our professionals suggest a routine sweep to prevent dust from accumulating because it could harbor foreign objects that will scratch your floor. Dry mopping liquid spills will remove the threat of moisture while preventing warping and permanent damages. The application of a sealant or finish is unnecessary for the success of your floor, however, will aid in its success.

Start Today!

Give us a call to learn how you can incorporate this high quality, high functioning hardwood into your residential or commercial space! Call the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Charleston today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We are glad to answer all of your questions regarding our services and selections. We are happy to help homeowners in the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area.

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