Selecting the right flooring for a home improvement project can be a tiresome process. Look no further than the friendly staff members at Floor Coverings International of Charleston for faithful guidance and sound advice. It is with great pleasure that we work with residents in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry to couple them with flooring choices that are perfect for their home. If you were considering a hardwood alternative, we would like to make a friendly recommendation: ash hardwood.

About Ash Hardwoodash hardwood in charleston and the lowcountry

This flooring has an impressive rating of 1320 on the Janka Hardness Scale. While it is a popular choice for the hardwood flooring market, it is also a favored material when constructing ladders and sports gear. Ash is best known for its stability and durability. Homeowners who take advantage of ash applaud its swirling grain design that gives is the ability to hide imperfections that befall the floor over time. This hardwood is textbook brawn and beauty that can adequately serve any residence in the Lowcountry.

Design & Uses

This hardwood is a domestic lumber that features hues of golds and browns, and a porous grain pattern that has the ability to absorb and display bold stains. It is known to be elastic, providing excellent shock resistance. Ash hardwood is a sturdy medium that can easily carry robust furniture pieces while naturally veiling any accidental scratches withits undeniably thick grain. Ash is a favored hardwood due to its versatility which sets it apart from other flooring alternatives, making this flooring a suitable selection for any place.

Maintenance & Cleaningash hardwood in charleston and the lowcountry

While habitual cleaning measures will guarantee the length and the quality of life for your hardwood flooring, ash hardwood requires a minimum maintenance regimen to achieve it. Additional steps can be taken to ensure the safety of your floor, including routinely applying a sealant, but is not required for the fulfillment of your hardwood. Taking initiative when messes occur will ultimately protect you floor from permanent damages, such as warping and molding. If it is a low-maintenance flooring that you seek, ash is the right hardwood for you.

Start Today!

The friendly experts of Floor Coverings International of Charleston truly believe that this handsome hardwood is a natural flooring that will meet the needs of any Charleston space. If you find that you are uncertain if ash is the right flooring for you, we are happy to answer any questions or considerations that come to mind! Feel free to call us today for a complimentary consultation. We are proud to serve the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area.

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