Searching for the perfect new floor can be a tiring task. With so many flooring options, many homeowners in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry areas don’t quite know where to begin. Thankfully, our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston can get you started with some of our most frequently asked about flooring options.

dark hardwood flooring

Flooring Options

Homeowners in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry have more flooring options today than they’ve ever had before. Hardwood is the venerable king of the flooring court, with lasting appeal that spans the past few centuries. Carpet flooring is fantastic for comfort and warmth. Tile and stone flooring offer superior durability and beauty. Vinyl flooring is an incredibly inexpensive flooring option. And laminate is one of our top emerging flooring options, with a chameleon-like ability to mimic any flooring surface you can think of.

Basement Flooring Options

Basements are sometimes a lower priority in the “style and looks department” because they are not visible to everyday traffic. For this reason, our less expensive flooring options are often installed in basements. Vinyl flooring is hugely popular because of its price and comfort. Carpet can also be very affordable and can add warmth to your basement. Laminate flooring can emulate virtually any type of flooring for a fraction of the price.

Kitchen Flooring Options

Homeowners who search for kitchen flooring are usually prioritizing beauty and practicality. That is why tile, laminate, and hardwood are commonly installed in kitchens in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry areas. Tile flooring has one of the lowest water absorption rates of any flooring option. Its beauty can be a wonderful complement to other flooring surfaces. Laminate is incredibly durable and can emulate stone, tile, hardwood, or other flooring types. And hardwood flooring is very strong and is a great transition to adjacent rooms to your kitchen.

This is a great lift-off point for you and your flooring journey. Please explore our website a little further or just call the number below for all your flooring related questions. We also offer free in-home estimates!

Photo Credit: Pavel Shynkarou