What is Sisal Carpeting?

The word “Sisal” has two meanings in the carpeting world. First and foremost, Sisal carpeting is a particular type of flooring, made from the agave plant, with its own individual traits. It’s important to know that Sisal also, though, is a catchall term that’s often used in flooring spheres to mean any type of environmentally friendly carpeting. At Floor Coverings International of Charleston, we carry both Sisal carpeting in particular and other eco-friendly flooring options as well.

Benefits of SSisal Carpet Natural Carpeting Mt Pleasant and Charleston Areasisal Carpeting

All natural— Sisal carpeting is derived from the agave plant of the American Southwest and is 100% natural. Sisal carpets are free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds that can cause health hazards) and are biodegradable—major perks for the health of your family and the environment.

Allergy friendly— Sisal carpeting is composed of a tough weave that makes cleaning easy and makes it difficult for dust and allergens to gather within your carpet’s threads.

Durable—That same tough surface that makes Sisal carpeting allergy friendly also means that Sisal carpeting is incredibly durable. Because Sisal’s fibers do not break down easily over time, Sisal carpets are often the perfect fit for families with pets or areas of the home that see heavy traffic.

Drawbacks to Sisal Carpeting

Rougher than traditional carpeting: Sisal is a natural and durable carpet, so the feel of the threads under your feet can be different than some homeowners expect. If you’re interested in Sisal carpeting, be sure to test the samples in our mobile showroom to ensure the feel of Sisal is a fit for your family.

Moisture absorbent: Almost all natural carpeting types, including Sisal, absorb moisture. Because of this trait, Sisal carpets should only be used indoors, and they are not a good fit for bathrooms or basements.


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Photo: Mr. Interior