carpet tile office in charlestonCarpet tiles, also known as modular carpeting, are square segments of carpeting that are sometimes used in lieu of a traditional roll of carpet. In fact, for homeowners or commercial property owners with non-traditional spaces or needs, carpet tiling may be a better option than a carpeting roll. At Floor Coverings International Charleston, we provide carpet tiles for the greater Charleston and Mt. Pleasant areas and think this versatile flooring option should be on your list to explore as you plan your next carpeting project.

Why Choose Carpet Tiling?

Think that carpet tiles could never be for you? You’d be surprised! There are a number of situations where carpet tiles can be an even better option than roll carpeting:

Carpeting Non-Traditional Spaces. If you’re carpeting a non-traditional room, whether in a home or an office, you’ll find roll carpeting’s lack of flexibility can be a problem. A room with a complex layout often requires more of the installers’ time for a roll carpeting project, which results in a larger installation bill for you. By installing carpet squares, you add flexibility to the installation process and cut down on the struggle of installing roll carpeting in complicated layouts.

Carpeting Stain Prone Areas. One of the biggest perks of carpet tiles is this flooring type’s ability to be replaced only in small segments – with carpet tiles, you’re able to replace an individual tile instead of an entire carpet. That perk means that carpet tiles are a perfect fit for stain prone areas. When you opt to use carpet square on your next project, you can rest assured that no stain will prove too costly.

As Temporary Carpeting. One often forgotten benefit of carpet tiles is their ability to be used as temporary carpeting. If you’re looking for a carpet that can come with you when you move homes or move offices, carpet tiles fit the bill.

Install Your Carpet Tiling Today

To get started on your carpet tiling project, call Floor Coverings International today. We serve the greater Charleston and Mt. Pleasant areas and are proud to offer free, in-home, Design Consultations to help you choose the best flooring fit for your space.

Photo: Gordon Ball LRPS