person explaining carpet prices in charlsetonMost home renovation projects start with the same research question from homeowners: how much will this cost? At Floor Coverings International serving Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, we’ve developed partnerships with major flooring providers to keep costs low for our customers, but we understand that there’s a lot of worry around the process of making an investment like new carpeting. To help you understand the market for carpets and how prices are set, we’ve compiled the key facets of carpet pricing for those interested in carpeting in the Charleston area. Read on to learn some of the factors that go into a carpet’s price, and be armed with knowledge as you approach the carpet buying process.

Carpet Size

One of the most important factors in your carpet’s final price is the amount of carpeting you need for your space. Keep in mind that the process of measuring a room for carpeting isn’t as straightforward as it might appear. Rather than using the exact square footage of your space, your carpet measurement should take into account an amount of excess that the carpeting team will need to work with in order to do the job well. Because of this, it’s important to have your carpet measurement done by a professional team; at Floor Coverings International Charleston, we include this step free of charge as part of our consultation process.

Carpet Quality

Of course, the grade of carpeting you choose will have an impact on your final price. The carpet you choose needs to be up to the task of standing up to your home’s foot traffic, whether that traffic is low, medium, or high. You should also decide how long you would like your carpeting to last; the price for a carpet that faces medium traffic that you intend to last for twenty years will be different than a carpet that faces the same amount of traffic but that you only need to last ten years.

Job Complexity

The complexity of the room or rooms you’re interested in carpeting will also play a part in your project’s final price. At Floor Coverings International, we provide free, in-home, consultations and estimates, so there are no surprises when it comes to your project’s final price.

To start your carpeting project, call Floor Coverings International Charleston today and receive your free, in-home, consultation and free estimate. We can’t wait to bring your carpeting dreams to life.

Photo: Naphat_Jorjee