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In the past, cork has primarily been used as a flooring choice for those seeking a low-cost alternative to tile or hardwood floors in their homes. In recent years however, there has been a resurgence in the use of cork flooring as Lowcountry homeowners look to be increasingly trendy, unique, and “green” with the materials they use. There are many reasons why cork is becoming the next big thing in home design, but here are five of them, explained.


Unlike other wood flooring options that use the entirety of the tree, cork is made from the bark of the cork tree, allowing the tree to continue to flourish and be re-harvested after nine years. Cork processing produces close to zero excess waste, which makes it a very resource efficient option.


Cork maintains the warmth and style of traditional hardwood floors while reducing the cost that steers many homeowners away from hardwood. Cork is easy to install and maintain, which makes it a great low-cost option that still looks great in any kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Great for Families

Cork flooring gives ease of mind to those who worry about the hardness of hardwood or tile, but still want their flooring to be easy to clean. While many families with young children choose carpet because it can soften the inevitable ups and downs that all children experience, carpets are more prone to staining and are harder to maintain. Cork has a cushioned feel while still being completely waterproof. In addition, the springy nature of the material allows for greater absorption of sound, making it an effective noise reducer for your Lowcountry home.


One of the best things about cork is the potential to change the pattern, color, and grain according to the aesthetic tone of a room. Cork can assume the appearance of traditional cork texture, hardwood planks, tile, or vinyl flooring, which makes it one of the most versatile options for a home. Like other wood floorings, it is easily re-stained or resurfaced which allows easy adaptation to a changing room style.


Extended periods of walking on very hard floors can lead to a series of aches and pains that increase a person’s level of tension. Cork is a yielding material that compresses under weight but springs back to its original state after. This creates a comfortable, low-impact surface for walking.

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