From a fun pop of color to a trendy subway tile, your kitchen backsplash is a subtle way to let your personality shine. At Floor Coverings International of Charleston we know that picking a backsplash can feel like an overwhelming step in the home renovation process. With the help of our professionals, picking out a new backsplash for your Charleston home doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our top backsplash ideas, to make your kitchen as charming as you.

Textured Checkered Tile

A diner is a staple of an American community and checkered tile perfectly captures the feeling of a steaming cup of coffee and a stack of pancakes. While a tile floor might feel like too much for the typical Charleston homeowner, a checkered tile backsplash is a beautiful, but subtle, take on the classic. A textured tile will help make the check feel less stark and more fluid. A checkered backsplash will give every Sunday morning breakfast a diner aesthetic.

checkered tile backsplash

Elongated Subway Tile

Jumping from industrial areas to homes, subway tile has become one of the most popular Charleston backsplashes. We love the classic look of the tile, but suggest putting a twist on the standard to give your kitchen a unique feel. An elongated subway tile will still give your home the same modern flare as subway tile. The larger tile will create the perception of a longer and more spacious kitchen, which is always a plus.

subway tile backsplash charleston

Small Ceramic Tile

Like an elongated subway tile, a small square tile can help make your kitchen look larger. Picking tiles within a color range allows each tile to blend together, giving your backsplash an added layer of dimension. At Floor Coverings International of Charleston we love the rustic style of a pebbled backsplash.

ceramic tile kitchen backsplash

Colorful Glass Tile

Coming in a wide range of colors, a glass tile backsplash is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. With options ranging from clear to frosty, glass tiles can add an extra level of depth to your kitchen countertops. A glass tile backsplash can give your traditional home a wonderfully modern twist.

glass tile backsplash charleston

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Whether you know exactly what you want or if you need some help navigating the backsplash world, Floor Coverings International of Charleston is here to help. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our expert Design Associates! We proudly serve the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry area.

Photo Credit: © Daria Minaeva, Jodie Johnson, Elena Elisseeva, ML Harris