Your kitchen is the heart of your home and hardwood floors are the perfect design choice for this functional space. The warmth of Hardwood Kitchen Flooring, Charlestonhardwood adds a sense of comfort, which will contrast with your sleek faucets and appliances to create a classic yet modern feel!

You’re imaging a hardwood kitchen in your Lowcountry home right now, aren’t you? Well, at Floor Coverings International of Charleston, we know how to make the most of hardwood in the kitchen. Read on and learn a few tricks for perfecting your hardwood installation for this high-traffic area.

Choose Site-Finished Hardwood

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring, CharlestonKitchen floors are periodically exposed to stains and dishwater dampness, so you’ll want to take extra steps to protect your hardwood floors from moisture. Using site-finished hardwood will give you a solid foundation of water-resistance.

Site-finished hardwood won’t arrive at your home with a sealant pre-applied. Instead, your water repelling treatment will be applied once the boards have been laid. This method ensures that your boards are fully sealed and that the seams between them are also covered. The result: better protection for the underlying hardwood.

Hide Signs Of Wear

The kitchen is a high-traffic area in many homes, which exposes it to more wear and tear than the average living room or bedroom. Red Oak Kitchen Flooring, CharlestonWith this factor in mind, you’ll want to select a hardwood variety that hides signs of use.

White oak is a great choice for hiding damage because it has a strong and distinctive grain, which obscures scuffs and nicks. Wirebrushed hardwood is another option that looks very stylish while hiding signs of wear. Wirebrushed hardwood has been scraped very carefully to add subtle texture and expose a deeper, distinctive layer of hardwood. The resulting rustic look masks damage with a whole lot of flair.

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