hardwood flooring Charleston and the LowcountryYou are about to install a hardwood floor in your Charleston and the Lowcountry area home. You eagerly await the planks of wood that you carefully selected. But have you ever wondered how your beautiful hardwood floor came to be? Let us walk you through the process from tree to plank.

Harvesting the Tree

A timber harvest typically takes place in a second-growth private forest that was planted five to six decades prior by a timber company. A second growth forest refers to an area that has regrown after a timber harvest. Reforestation is an essential part of logging in order to ensure the longevity of the industry and minimize environmental impact. When a tree reaches maturity about twenty years after planting, it is viable for harvest. Unusable logs and branches are left behind for wildlife habitat.

Selected for Purpose

Not all wood is the same. When it arrives at the mill, the logs go through a careful selection and classification process based on the wood grade. The grade of the wood will determine its purpose. After the rounded edges of the log are removed, it is cut square and turned into slabs. Then the grade is determined. High-grade wood is destined to become material for musical instruments, furniture, or cabinets. After that is wood flooring, wood for construction, shipping pallets etc. To ensure that there is no unnecessary waste, every extra part of the log that is not suitable for lumber is utilized in some form. Bark and shavings often become paper, mulch or sawdust.

The Final Steps

Finally, the boards are dried in a kiln. This process reduces moisture that can cause shrinkage and damage, and sterilizes the wood. Then they are cut to their desired length and any boards with imperfections that alter the wood grade are removed. The final step is to plane and groove the boards. After tongues and grooves are added to board ends, they are ready to be shipped and installed in your Charleston and the Lowcountry area home.

Hardwood Flooring Experts

If you want to learn more about your hardwood floor, or are ready to install one in your home contact our experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston. We are locally owned and proud to serve the Charleston and the Lowcountry area.

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