Carpet is a timeless flooring option in Charleston and the Lowcountry. Classic carpet will never go out of style, but these days, homeowners are increasingly taking risks with their carpet and breaking free from typical looks.

Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston have noticed these four carpet trends on the rise in 2017, and we think they might be here to stay.


Textured and Patterned Carpetpatterned carpet Charleston trends

Patterned and textured carpets add variation and contrast in places like hallways, entryways, and even the living room. These carpets come in a wide variety of options, from carpet tiles to dual-tone frieze.

Low-pile carpets like Berber have texture while also remaining incredibly resistant to spills and stains. Carpet tiles can be used to create unique carpet patterns, and also come in unique geometric shapes and designs.



Statement Area Rugsarea rug in Charleston

Area rugs are a cost-effective alternative to whole room carpet installation. Many homeowners prefer solid flooring like hardwood or stone throughout their home, but find that the added color and warmth of area rugs provides the right balance to their space. This is especially true in the dining room and living room, where a stunning area rug can serve as the center of attention for these spaces.



Very Soft Carpetsoft plush carpet Charleston

Homeowners in 2017 have increasingly wanted to add extra comfort to places where they go to relax. This has made soft carpets like plush and frieze incredibly popular choices for areas like master bedrooms and kids playrooms.

Plush carpet has a fantastic bounce and cushion-like that is amazing underfoot, while frieze’s high-pile makes your floor feel like a fuzzy blanket.



Bold Solid Colorsbold color carpet trends Charleston Lowcountry

Neutral tones tend to be the default choice for carpet, but homeowners in 2017 have increasingly opted for bolder carpet colors. From a whole-carpet installation to a vibrant area rug, adding a splash of color with carpet will make your floors a focal point.

We particularly love bold carpet colors in areas like home offices, recreation rooms, and kids bedrooms. Carpet tiles are a cost-effective way to add color to your home, as they can be easily switched out if you want to try a new color.


Are you interested in learning more about adding these carpet trends to your home in the Lowcountry? Our friendly experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston are here to help. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and a visit from our mobile showroom.


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