Living in a humid climate like ours here in Charleston and the Lowcountry means that we have to seek out extra ways to protect our home and keep cool. Having the right flooring in our climate is critical since humidity can also wreak havoc on floors with warping, mold, and mildew. The experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston have the scoop on the best floors for our humid climate.


luxury vinyl tile in CharlestonLuxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tiles are a fantastic modern flooring choice that perfectly suits our climate. This updated vinyl flooring can imitate looks like hardwood, stone, and tile at a fraction of the price. The benefit of luxury vinyl tile is that it also resists stains, water, and warping—perfect qualities for our climate. To make luxury vinyl, high tech printers engrave unique images on each tile and etch on texture to match. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with luxury vinyl tile—you can have both!


porcelain and ceramic tiles in CharlestonPorcelain & Ceramic Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile are cool to the touch, which is perfect for our climate here in the Lowcountry. They come in an endless variety of styles, designs, and shapes. Ceramic and porcelain also have the added bonus of being highly resistant to moisture and mildew. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are easy to clean, though it is important to pay attention to the grout lines as they can easily discolor if left unattended.


slate tile in Charleston

Slate Tile

Slate tile is a darkly colored stone that comes in a wide swath of sizes and finishes. As a stone, it naturally resists mold and water staining, making it another excellent choice for a humid climate like ours. Not only will slate tile provide a cooling effect to your home, it will also make your home elegant and sleek, especially in minimalist and modern applications.



engineered hardwood flooring in CharlestonEngineered Hardwood

If tile or vinyl flooring is not what you’re looking for, then we highly suggest engineered hardwood planks as your hardwood option. Engineered hardwood planks are constructed with layers that make them less prone to expansion and warping. Nearly every variety of solid hardwood is available in an engineered form,


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