Oftentimes, homeowners in Charleston and the Lowcountry area are looking to combine the comfort of carpet with the beauty of hardwood flooring. As a result, hardwood is often utilized in the kitchen while carpet is used in the living room and the bedrooms. Deciding how to combine these two types of flooring can be tricky. Floor Coverings International of Charleston is here to help with this handy guide to pairing hardwood and carpet together in the same home!

How to Pair Hardwood With Carpet CharlestonHigh Contrast

Depending on your home décor, creating a high level of contrast between your hardwood and carpet can help to make it look more like a deliberate choice and less like you ran out of time or money to finish installing hardwood. Choosing a light hardwood and a dark carpeting, or a hand scraped wood with a tightly woven carpet pile, will also help to create more visual interest in your space.

Create a Border

A nice way to establish a change in flooring is to create a border around your hardwood floors. This can be done using a pattern of your choosing and will create a nice dividing line between your rooms and your two types of materials. These inlays can be done in many colors and styles to uniquely match your home’s décor.

Curve Your Flooring

Another way to pair hardwood with carpet without it seeming abrupt is to have your flooring be curved. If the borderline between your hardwood and carpet has a curve to it, it will create a subtler division that will make the transition from wood to carpet softer. This can also give the affect of a larger space and add an interesting design element to your room.

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