A bright, airy room looks stunning in homes around Charleston and the Lowcountry. And your floors happen to be one of the largest canvases to achieve such a look! In fact, interior design trends today are revolving around light toned floors. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston have compiled a list of perfect flooring options for a beautiful, light, open space.

Tile & Natural Stone

marble tile flooring charleston

Tile comes in virtually every color imaginable, including several shades of white. Colors like white reflect both the natural and artificial light in your home. Compared to dark floors which absorb that light, white floors will reflect it all around your space. Today, many homeowners love the look of white subway tiles as backsplashes. Or consider a white/gray, ultra-shiny marble natural stone floor for an open, luxurious look.

Hardwood & Alternatives light hardwood flooring charleston

There are two aspects that influence the final color of your solid hardwood floors. First, the species of wood you use will influence how the stain is absorbed and the natural lightness of your floor. Some species are lighter compared to others. Consider choosing a hardwood such as Beech, Ash, or White Oak, for example. Finish is the second aspect. Of course, there are endless varieties of stains available for you to choose from. Rather than a dark, warm tone look for lighter, cooler options to brighten up your space.

We see more homeowners in Charleston and the Lowcountry choosing hardwood alternatives like luxury vinyl planks and laminate flooring. While these are not made out of a real solid hardwood and you can’t stain them, they still mimic natural wood. Look for a finish that resembles one of the lighter toned wood species. Keep in mind you can’t refinish these floors, so be sure to find the perfect light color from the start.

Brighten Up Your Home Today!

Do you love the look of bright, airy floors in your Charleston and the Lowcountry area home?  Our design experts will help guide you through all of the style and color options to choose from. Give Floor Coverings International of Charleston a call today and schedule your free, in-home consultation. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry.

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