The holiday season is finally here! ‘Tis the season to deck the halls, pour warm drinks, and gather in your home with loved ones. In the midst of all of this celebration, we know that the toll of the holidays on your home and flooring is an added stress – as if cooking extravagant meals, wrapping presents, and hosting social events are not stressful enough! Here at Floor Coverings International of Charleston we want to help ease your mind and share some tips for successfully protecting your Charleston floors this holiday season. 

Holiday Floor Maintenance Charleston

Welcome the Mess!

Did you know holiday floor protection begins before your guests even step foot on your floors? Consider placing a festive, durable door mat outside of your front door. After all, welcome mats are definitely an essential part of holiday decoration. This simple step will stop the dirt and debris in their tracks. For extra defense, you might add a softer, water absorbing mat in your entryway paired with a shoe rack. Having guests remove their shoes does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. Also consider adding a statement bench, a convenient coat rack, and provide cozy house slippers. No shoes, no problems.

Spills and Stains

Despite how frightful shoes may be, there are a few more dangers we must consider. Holidays mean food – a lot of food. Therefore, spills are inevitable. Cozy carpet is at a high risk for stains from spills. Always have clean towels and a cleaning solution on hand – the faster the spills are taken care of the better. A useful DIY carpet cleaner is clear dishwashing liquid and warm water.

We know Lowcountry homeowners love their beautiful hardwood flooring. It is important that your hardwood flooring is properly finished and sealed before you begin cooking and dining. This is important protection against those pesky spills. Area rugs also add an extra layer of defense for any flooring type, along with refreshing style.

Wear and Tear

With so many people doing different activities during the holidays in your Charleston home, your flooring may be at a higher risk for wear and tear. When dining chairs are shuffling and cooking utensils are dropping, we have a few tips for protecting your flooring against unwanted scratches and dents. Furniture pads on tables, chairs, and couches are an essential, easy solution against scratches. When choosing your hardwood flooring design, keep in mind hardwoods with a high Janka rating will be more durable to dents and scuffs. If you find yourself hosting guests often and are more concerned about the durability of your flooring, laminate is a durable option to keep in mind.  

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Photo by © Zivica Kerkez