Charleston best kitchen tile floor

Here’s what flooring professionals can almost universally agree upon: tile is the floor of choice for kitchens. But which tiles would best suit your kitchen? Floor Coverings International of Charleston would like to shed some light on this common question and highlight some of the most popular tile options for kitchen flooring in Charleston & the Lowcountry.


Hard, dense, and less porous than standard ceramic tiles, porcelain forged in a mixture of heat and pressure that produce a tile perfect for use in high-traffic kitchens. Porcelain is resistant to stains and impact, and it can be used for flooring or backsplashes. It’s easy to clean, comes glazed or unglazed, and is produced in a wide variety of styles and colors.


Ceramic is similar to porcelain in that it is fired in an oven to become firm, resilient flooring. While softer than porcelain, ceramic is just as visually customizable, and will be easier for professionals to install in your home. While it is more porous than its porcelain cousin, ceramic tile is quite resilient when glazed for stain and spill management. It is a solid choice in kitchen flooring at a slightly more manageable budget than porcelain.

Charleston best kitchen tile floor

Natural Stone

Marble, granite, slate, travertine, and more are included under this category. In terms of durability, it doesn’t get much tougher than stone tile flooring! There are two options for stone surface finishes: polished and honed.

Polished stone tiles are somewhat deeper in color, possessing all of the intricate patterned beauty that stone has to offer. Honed stone floors, while less alluring, will offer you more traction when walking. This can be an important consideration in the kitchen, where spills may lead to slippery floors. One other tip with all stone tiles is to avoid acidic cleaning agents. As tough as stone is, it is surprisingly sensitive to acids.

Kitchen Tiles to Suit Your Style

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