There are a lot of ways to have a fashionable house without using carpet flooring, but sometimes you just want to curl up in the middle of the living room to watch TV or read a book on the floor, right? Or if that’s not your deal, at least we can all agree that sometimes it’s nice to have a comfortable, cushioned surface under your feet.

If you’re not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet, but you still want something stylish and cozy in your living room, it’s definitely worth considering an area rug. Read on for three big reasons why the right area rug can completely change the atmosphere and comfort of your room, without being a burden on your schedule or your wallet.


area rugs in charleston

Fun to Design With

Area rugs are one of the most dynamic and versatile design elements you can introduce into a room. Not only do they create a focal point, they offer a chance to add a pop of color or to play with asymmetry by positioning the rug on one side of your couch. And don’t forget to be bold with patterns and prints, or to look into minimalistic natural materials like sisal, jute, and seagrass.

Affordable and Portable

Area rugs obviously use less material than other broadloom textiles, but they also don’t require installations, so you’re usually looking at major savings from the start. On top of that, you still get the major benefits of wall-to-wall carpeting in a small area: temperature and noise insulation, a focal point in the room, and a comfortable surface to lounge around on.

The other great thing about area rugs is that if you take good care of them, they can travel from room to room or from house to house! For those of you who get the bug to reorganize and tweak the feng shui of your home every few months, area rugs become a versatile and portable design element.

Easy to Clean and Care Forarea rugs in charleston

Wall-to-wall carpet requires regular vacuuming, as well as a deep steam-clean at least once a year—but area rugs are a little lower maintenance. You should still vacuum them often to reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but you can also just take them outside and beat the dust out instead of hiring a professional cleaning crew. For more advice on caring for your area rug, check out our article on carpet cleaning.


Find the Right Area Rug for Your Home

Want a little help finding the perfect area rug for your home in Charleston and the Lowcountry? Schedule a free, in-home visit from the Floor Coverings International of Charleston mobile showroom so that you can talk to our expert design team and see your options in person. We proudly serve Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry and surrounding areas, so contact us today to get started!

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