Pine wood flooring is an incredible type of flooring used in homes and businesses across the world. We’ve found that homeowners in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas love pine flooring because of its rustic look, environmental footprint, and low cost. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston take a closer look at pine wood flooring.

pine wood floor


Pine wood is made from pine trees grown on six of the Earth’s seven continents. Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous, and develop in about 120 different species. Pine is the world’s leading source of paper products and building materials. As a flooring surface, most pine species are actually classified as softwood, meaning they are softer than other types of hardwood flooring.

Rustic Look

Pine wood floors can look amazing, especially in homes with a rustic or vintage vibe. Pine flooring is known for having pins or knots, which gives a unique character to its surface. It can actually be tricky to keep pine floors looking like new, but this characteristic is actually preferable for many homeowners, because they like the weathered and rustic appearance that pine flooring can provide.

Low Environmental Footprint

Most pine trees grow faster than trees of the hardwood variety. This makes pine tree farming more sustainable and better for the environment. When one pine tree is chopped down, another one won’t take too long to grow in its place.

Low Cost

Softwood pine flooring is typically less expensive than hardwood flooring. For example, a softwood pine floor may run about half the price of a hardwood oak floor.    This low cost is one of the primary reasons that homeowners in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas choose pine wood flooring for their home or business.


No matter the time of year, our experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston are ready to answer your questions about pine wood flooring. Don’t hesitate to call the number below and take advantage of our free in home estimates and design consultations.


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