Owning pets means that you need to put some extra thought into the right flooring for your home. Doing so can provide you with beautiful, long lasting floors that also offer you great value. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International of Charleston offer a few options to consider.

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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a popular choice for homes with pets because of its natural hardness. This property makes bamboo highly resistant to both stains and scratches, especially when compared to traditional hardwood flooring. One thing to note, however, is that sometimes, darker finishes can show scratches and water damage more easily.

Vinyl Flooring

Many pet owners find that vinyl flooring provides superior advantages compared to other options. Vinyl is versatile and can be installed in nearly any room of the home. It provides excellent traction for excited pets as they run through the house. Because of its resistance to stains, vinyl is easy to clean. Today’s styles of vinyl make it possible for homeowners in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry areas to enjoy many different looks without compromise.

Laminate Flooring

Today’s laminate flooring is available in shades and tones that closely mimic that of traditional hardwood. However, unlike traditional hardwood flooring, laminate is resistant to scratches and stains. Its durability also makes it easier to clean up any pet accidents. In spite of all of its advantages, laminate flooring can often be slippery for pets so look for finishes that are embossed or textured to add stability.

Stone Tile Flooring

Stone tile offers pet owners many advantages. Not only is it a beautiful choice for a floor covering, it is also extremely resistant to scratches and is durable. Cleaning up spills from water dishes and pet accidents is made quick and easy with stone tile. A chief complaint about stone tile, however, is how cold and hard it is underfoot. Using area rugs and having radiant heat installed will go a long way in combating these downfalls.

Today’s options in flooring coverings provide pet owners in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Lowcountry areas with many different choices when it comes to finding the ideal one for their home.  Be sure to call the number below to schedule a free in-home estimate and design consultation!

Photo Credit: Pindyurin Vasily